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Bike Issues Got You Down?

You or your child can learn while also having service done!

Great for kids 12 and older! 


Home or Neighborhood

  • We can come to you

  • Get creative and be like a food truck in your neighborhood

  • Maybe you have an idea of a great location/partnership.  


See the "Book Online" page to see locations near you or to set one up.


  • Community Education

  • Park and RecreationSame service, just a different venue!

Learning Groups
Group Classes​ (Student to Teacher ration max of 6:1)
  • Move independently from identification to fixing.  

  • No experience needed

  • No need to bring a bike if you don't have one.

  • Earn cool bike gear as you learn!

  • The value is in the learning, but you will also have a smoother running and safer riding bicycle. 


Let's set something up that works for you and get's you riding again. Start with basic bike setup and move to what is troubling your bike or your thoughts on what would I do if...

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